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FCC’s chariman Ajit Pai’s aims to put all the power of Internet in the carriers, not the users, nor the companies who create content. The carrier will be able to restrain the flow of information by their own private agendas. It’s a sad day for entrepreneurs and the 99.9% of Internet users who aren’t ISP’s stockholders.

UK government to ‘drain the market’ of online child sex abuse | Technology |

Government policies are often based in a surreptitious preconception. In cases like banning access to information, policies are based in the following premise “Government knows what is better for you even better than yourself”. To agree with this idea is as dangerous as going to war to die for an unnoble cause, or banning books just because they are “indecent”, while we all know that decency has changed quite a bit (and still changes) since a couple of years ago.

Do Believe the Hype –

Globalization: “cheap tools of communication and innovation that are wiring together the world’s citizens” are being used by skilled technologists inventing low-cost solutions. In India they already created a trusted network like a P2P (peer to peer) bank.