How M.I.T. Ensnared a Hacker, Bucking a Freewheeling Culture –

Se suicidó Aaron Swartz, hacker que participó en proyectos como el desarrollo de la especificación RSS. El MIT, la policía y la fiscalía participaron en esta historia. Las atribuciones del estado suelen ser más importantes que la vida de sus ciudadanos.

Instead of European Bailouts, Consider Default, Economists Say –

Ireland accepted the financial rescue package, but many economists debate whether it would be better and fairer for the Continent’s weakest economies to default on payments to lenders by an organized restructuring of debt. European countries cannot devalue their currencies. the monetary fund made clear its position on default when it issued a staff paper defiantly titled: “Default in Today’s Advanced Economies: Unnecessary, Undesirable and Unlikely.”

Do Believe the Hype –

Globalization: “cheap tools of communication and innovation that are wiring together the world’s citizens” are being used by skilled technologists inventing low-cost solutions. In India they already created a trusted network like a P2P (peer to peer) bank.