A diez días de los comicios porteños, descubren filtraciones de seguridad en el sistema de voto electrónico – Télam – Agencia Nacional de Noticias

Electronic vote is weaker than the conventional previous implementations. Electronic vote weakens democracy as a whole. http://www.telam.com.ar/notas/201506/110512-a-diez-dias-de-los-comicios-portenos-descubren-filtraciones-de-seguridad-en-el-sistema-de-voto-electronico.html

Telegram, AKA “Stand back, we have Math PhDs!” – Unhandled expression

Telegram might not be the best private messaging tool around. OTR (Off the Record) free software implementations (like https://guardianproject.info/apps/chatsecure/ may rise over those security holes Telegram leave unattended. http://unhandledexpression.com/2013/12/17/telegram-stand-back-we-know-maths/